During your stay, away from city noise, crowds and stress in a peaceful rural setting, there are various activities to make your stay enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. Do something good for yourself and to get to know the Vinodol valley the right way. 
If you want to start the day actively, our recommendation is a morning exercise at our heated pool in the fresh air. Join a yoga group, aqua aerobics or learn the breathing techniques conducted by an authorized physiotherapist.

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First breath - technique of proper breathing
Do we breathe in the right way? We have all forgotten the technique of proper breathing, properly using the benefit of the air we breathe, which is so important to our organism. Adopt a proper breathing technique that is a natural remedy for reducing tension, nourishing the nervous system, and helping your body to relax.

Morning yoga
Exercise is essential to the health of an organism, but it has to be performed properly with guidance from an expert. It relaxes the body and mind, releases tension and is an excellent preparation for the rest of the day.

'' The cultural heritage of Vinodol valley ''
Getting to know Vinodol valley by visiting its cultural sights, interesting things and getting to know the history of Vinodol and the way the inhabitants live here.

Vinodol on two wheels - '' Cycling trough Vinodol valley ''
Six cycling trails are a real challenge for amateurs, recreational enthusiasts and true enthusiasts of sports cycling. The vacation time is ideal for you to try one of the 6 beautiful cycling trails and discover this green oasis of a peaceful valley on two wheels.
 If you arrive in a specific season you can experience additional magic of our accommodation and its traditions. We can also organize small education classes during your stay. During your stay we are able to adapt the food based on your health requirements and problems related to the digestion system.


Carnival days
Get to know the Vinodol Valley during carnival events which are held both in winter and summer, if you want to pretend to be someone else for a little while!

Wine days in Vinodol
Like the name itself says Vinodol Valley without good wine is like sea without salt, it is therefore a good time to taste our indigenous products on the wine days, a celebration marking the beginning of the wine season.

Proper nutrition and prevention
Enjoying proper but tasty nutritional made meals under the watchful eye of our nutritionist so you can know at any time what's on the plate, the origin of the food and everything else you want to learn more about the food you eat every day, or participate in our healthy eating workshops. During your stay we are able to adjust your diet to your health requirements and problems related to the digestive system.

Days of team building
If you want to socialize with your work colleagues at a specific location with lots of activities and enjoying the Mediterranean gastronomic offer of local specialties, you are in the right place.

Hunting tourism
Hunt in groups organized by our partners Hunting associations from Grižane, Bribir and Novi Vinodolski. These days are just for you and your friends, like team building and enjoying in your favorite hobby, trying out local hunting specialties and telling hunting stories. Exchanging hunting experiences is a manifestation that every hunter wishes, because in good company and good food, fun and rest for the soul is guaranteed.

We also organize hunting on a trophy animal, according to the availability of trophies in our hunting grounds.

Special Offers

Our special offer consists of seasonal and organized group activities.


Business events, meetings or events that you want to celebrate in the circle of family enjoying a good company, nice place, home-made food and tasting other home made products a Mali Pariz is really good choice.


"Massage'' (arap mass - touch) is an ancient technique of relaxation and revitalization. Massage is an experience of harmony and balance between body and mind and represents an excellent way to remove tension and stress.
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Health tourism

The whole Kvarner area especially Vinodol valley, has long been known as a convenient place for treating respiratory problems because of its unique geographic position. From ancient has been known as an aero-therapeutic treatment place where air is used as a natural factor of well-being on our organism.
Health tourism as one of the oldest forms of tourism in our areas, based on physical and mental health care with the help of natural factors to improve health status as well as health prevention of the whole organism.


The testimonies from older inhabitants and public doctors who were conducting records of the health status of the inhabitants of Vinodol municipality, mentioning exactly the favorable geographic position of village Marusic (Little Paris) as the geographically most favored place of flow and mingling of the sea and mountain air that strongly favors patients problems with the respiratory system. This place is also referred by the empress Maria, who brought her children to the village Marušić on vacation, because they were suffering from asthma, so that during the holidays they could treat their respiratory difficulties.

Based on this historical records and testimonies, the relation between the organism and health is based on holistic approach to achieve a favorable balance between multidisciplinary factors such as balanced diet, physical activity, peaceful rural environment, noise and air pollution exclusion, social and spiritual programs and to move away from the state of the disease that today's way of life is getting closer and closer ...

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