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Hiking, walking and exploring Vinodol valley by foot or with bike, both ways are very interesting and exciting. We also have to mention mountain biking which leads you to the highest points of Vinodol and numerous viewpoints from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the entire Vinodol valley and Kvarner bay..

If you are extreme in nature, you can also see Vinodol from the air, with paragliding jump. For environment lovers there is sport fishing on the lake in nearby place Tribalj.

We must highlight winter hunting tourism because of large hunting areas and numerous hunting society, that stretch across the valley located in the wooded area where many animal species live. For lovers of hunting in the winter months we organize hunting in cooperation with our hunting associations.

After an exciting day filled with many activities, from the usual walks, to extreme sports or hunting in one of our hunting grounds, relax your body and mind on one of the numerous concerts of young song writers or on traditional Vinodol summer evenings, perhaps get to know better with the tradition of this area on one of the manifestations such as the well-known Ružica Vinodola, at the content for the best and most valuable girls from Vinodol for picking the grapes and for preparation grapes for the production of wine.

Some other evening you can also look in the past by walking through Museum House Klović and studying the art of Vinodol in a miniature way, trough the eye of the Croatian Michelangelo, painted with the hands of the world famous artist Juraj Julije Klović.

Maybe you want to be someone else on just one day? You're probably wondering how? The Vinodol region is known for its carnival evenings - a period in the year when every weekend in January and February are being organized costume dances. Or you can show your mask by participating in the world-known traditional Rijeka Carnival, which is not far behind from famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

If you prefer the warmer part of the year and being someone else, you can visit one of the few summer carnivals like the one in Novi Vinodolski or the town of Senj, where six days and six nights the masks govern in the city.



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