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Boutique Hostel Mali Pariz


Hostel is located in a small Mediterranean village Marusici, family heritage hotel Villa Little Paris was renovated from the old family house built in 1803. which offers well being accommodation in unique surroundings.


History of the Little Paris ....

Vinodol (Valis Vinearia, rim.)

The legend and tradition tell the story about village Marušići that used to be inhabited by wealth coastal families dealing with various trades such as shoemakers, tailors, bakeries, merchants and other. At that time, the post office of Grizane was on the main road halfway between the center of Grizane and the village Marusici. The postman who works there would sort the post every day and then on a bike delivered it to each house all over the Grižane. As the postman himself belonged to one of the wealthiest families in the place of Marušići, all letters and other shipment would be put on a separate shelf and delivered it to their neighbors at the end of his working day. The shelf on which he left the letters was placed above all the other shelves and when he put every letter on that shelf, he would say, ‘’This is the post for my Parisians!'’ Since most of the mail arrived almost every day for small manufacturer from Marušići, who regularly received various shipments, and letters. As the rest of the local residents saw it, they always considered them to be very important, and always pointing to their importance, and then always call them the Parisians! From then the inhabitants of Marusici were known as Parisians from Mali to Paris.

There are many tradition and legends in Vinodol, and we will be happy to tell you the story about others during your stay with us .....


Geographically position

Slogan ''step from the sea two from the snow '' in the true sense of the word describes the position of Vinodol valley. Only 4 km from the nearest town Crikvenica and beautiful beaches and about 25 km from the nearest airport, the place is ideal for vacationers and for travel lovers. The Vinodol Valley is characterized by good traffic connections with rest of the world by the road, sea and plane. When you chose to spend your holidays here, every day you can visit some other city or island in whole Kvarner region, by sea or by car, just have to say what you prefer. From this magical place you can visit many towns, places on the sea, islands and the little towns in the mountains, which are really "within reach". If you want to spend a day away from the city noise and the incandescent sand on the beach, we have a solution. We organized excursion on our nearest Islands like Krk, Cres, Rab and Dugi otok. On the Island Krk there you have to take a look on a "treasure" in the famous Cave of Biserujka, because according to the folk legend of the cave, the cave was a secret place where the pirates hid treasure. After that we recommend that you relax with a good drop of autochthonous wine Žlahtina..

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Hostel Mali Pariz
Marušići 32, 51244 Grižane
Phone: +385 98 341 487

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